By Md Jahidul Islam
Dig. Wass.

Chill Mama

Md Jahidul Islam / Robin Wahid / Syed Habibur Rahman / Jahidul Islam Robin

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Wilfred looked sadly at the grave of her dead mother. For a minute or two, he didn't have the awareness of his surroundings. Then, his father came and said that it's time to go home. "Let's go to our home and let your mother rest in her new home," his father said. They returned home all the way, Wilfred remained silent. Wilfred was a thirteen year old boy whose mother was shot dead. The police were trying their level best to catch the murderers but till now there was no good news. The murderers would have been very clever because they left no clue. Wilfred's father started to make him happy because now that child had to live on even after his mother's death. He used to give him time and he used to take Wilfred to the movies. Slowly and slowly, their life was getting back to normal but one day .... Wilfred ' s father was going to his workplace and Wilfred was left under the servant's care. A man came towards Wilfred's father and killed him. Before dying, Wilfred's father recognized the man. "Is it really you?" And then he fell to the ground. The mysterious man laughed and kicked the dead body to see if it was dead. When he was sure about this, he left. During the murder, there was no one on the street so it was easy for the man to leave without being the one to blame. Then, one of Wilfred's neighbor was going that way and he saw the dead body. He recognized it, of course but it was no use taking the body to the hospital because Wilfred's father was already dead. A funeral was arranged and when this news reached Wilfred's ears, his tears won't stop. At the funeral,

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